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WebSession.AllowUnsupportedBrowser(ByRef ErrorMessage as String, ByRef SendAsHTML as Boolean) As Boolean

New in 2012r1

Supported for all project types and targets.

Called when an unsupported browser connects to the web application.


By default, if you do nothing in this event, an unsupported browser will be shown an error page containing a list of links to the browsers we support.

If you wish to override this behavior, you can:

  • Set the ErrorMessage property. You may use either plain text or HTML in this field.
  • If you wish to use HTML in the ErrorMessage property, you must set the SendAsHTML property to True.
  • If you wish to allow the browser to connect anyway, you may simply return True.

The default page for unsupported browsers shows a list of browsers that we do support with links to download them.

Web apps run best on modern open-standards browsers. This includes Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Web applications should also work well in Firefox and in Internet Explorer 8 and above.