Xojo 2024r1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2024-04-15

Highlights from 2024r1


  • Bugs fixed: 7


Resolved Issues

  • Debugger: the globals Window list now includes all instantiated windows, and not just the front most window. (75983)


Resolved Issues

  • Linux: MoviePlayer.AutoRepeat now works correctly to start playing the movie from the beginning, instead of at some random point in the movie. (75864)

  • macOS: Now Barcode.Image honors the Height on macOS and iOS when the barcode type is set to Barcode128 (76013)

  • macOS: Now a CheckBox celltype updates correctly its visual state when the user clicks on it and the DesktopListbox is displayed in a Popover window on macOS. (76001)

  • macOS: Fixed click x/y coordinates for DesktopListbox and DesktopCanvas on macOS when instances of these are displayed in a Popover Window. This was impeding right selection of the clicked row and reordering rows in a DesktopListbox; plus offering the right value for Y coordinate on DesktopCanvas. (75984)

  • macOS: Round button style on macOS looks now right again at runtime on macOS (75963)

  • Windows: Popovers no longer exhibit a translucency effect, which affected the background color setting. (75942)