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For desktop applications, see HTMLViewer.

Class (inherits from WebControl)

New in 2010r4

WebHTMLViewer is used to display HTML in your web applications. The HTML can be supplied as a string or can come from an external URL to display pages that are not part of the web application.

Close KeyPressed MouseUp
ContextualMenuAction LostFocus Open
DoubleClick MouseDown Resized
DropObject MouseEnter Shown
GotFocus MouseExit
Hidden MouseMove


AcceptPictureDrop AllowTextDrag PresentContextualMenu
AcceptRawDataDrop Close Print
AcceptTextDrop ExecuteJavaScript SetFocus
AllowPictureDrag LoadPage ShowURL
AllowRawDataDrag MsgBox


The WebHTMLViewer appears in the Web Page Layout Editor as a large rectangular area. The value of the URL property is shown in the center of the control. In the built app, the control renders the actual HTML.

See Also

HTMLViewer, WebFile, WebImageView