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Class (inherits from MobileUIControl)

New in 2020r2

A control for playing videos in many standard video formats such as mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, avi, and others.

Closing PlaybackPaused PositionChanged
Opening PlaybackStarted
AddConstraint LoadFile RemoveConstraint
AddControl LoadURL RemoveControl
ClearFocus Pause SetFocus
ControlAt Play
GoToStart Refresh
AccessibilityHint Height fa-lock-32.png TintColor
AccessibilityLabel Left fa-lock-32.png Top fa-lock-32.png
ControlCount Movie Visible
Duration fa-lock-32.png Name fa-lock-32.png Volume
Enabled Parent fa-lock-32.png Width fa-lock-32.png
HasController Position


iOS project types on iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

See Also

FolderItem and Movie classes.