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Returns the number of microseconds (1,000,000th of a second) that have passed since the user's computer was started.



Part Type Description
result Double The number of microseconds that have passed since the user's computer was started. Prior to version 2007 Release 2, the precision was limited to milliseconds on Windows. The precision is now microseconds on all platforms.


Because modern operating systems can stay running for so long, it's possible for the machine's internal counters to "roll over." This means that if you are using this function to determine how much time has elapsed, you may encounter a case where this time is inaccurate.

The machine's internal counters might or might not continue to advance while the machine is asleep, or in a similar power-saving mode. Therefore, this function might not be suitable for use as a long-term timer.


This example displays in message box the number of minutes the computer has been on.

Dim minutes As Integer
minutes = Microseconds / 1000000 / 60
MsgBox("Your computer has been on for " + Str(minutes) + " minutes.")