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Property (As String )

aKeyChainItem.ServiceName = newStringValue
StringValue = aKeyChainItem.ServiceName

Supported for all project types and targets.

Contains the name of the service (required for adding, can be Nil to find). To add a password for an application, set ServiceName to the application’s name.


This example set the text of a TextField to the description of a KeyChainItem.

Dim kc As KeyChain
Dim kci As KeyChainItem

kc = New KeyChain(Listbox1.ListIndex)

If kc <> Nil Then
kci = New KeyChainItem
kci.ServiceName = SearchField.Text

PasswordField.Text = kc.FindPassword(kci)

ServiceNameField.Text = kci.ServiceName
AccountNameField.Text = kci.AccountName
CommentField.Text = kci.Comment
LabelField.Text = kci.Label
End If