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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to identify a time zone in relationship to a Date.

Abbreviation fa-lock-32.png SecondsFromGMT fa-lock-32.png

Constructor(gmtOffsetInSeconds As Integer)

Constructor(name As Text)

Shared Methods

Sample Code

Creates a date for Berlin that matches the local time's hours and minutes. The interval shows the time differences between Berlin and the current time zone:

Var berlinTZ As New Xojo.Core.TimeZone("Europe/Berlin")

Var berlinDate As New Xojo.Core.Date(Xojo.Core.Date.Now.Year, _
Xojo.Core.Date.Now.Month, _
Xojo.Core.Date.Now.Day, _
Xojo.Core.Date.Now.Hour, _
Xojo.Core.Date.Now.Minute, berlinTZ)

Var interval As Xojo.Core.DateInterval
interval = Xojo.Core.Date.Now - berlinDate

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