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Class (inherits from Object)

New in 2015r3

Contains the details for a control that was dragged and now dropped onto another control.

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Picture RawData Text
PictureAvailable RawDataAvailable TextAvailable


  • Internet Explorer 9 does not provide drag previews, although the correct cursor appears.


  • DragActionNone = 0
  • DragActionCopy = 1
  • DragActionMove = 2
  • DragActionLink = 4
  • DragActionUnknown = 8 (for drags from outside the browser)
  • DragActionAll = 15 (this may change in the future as browsers support more drag types)

To combine multiple drag actions, add them together. For example, to create an action that supports both copy and move:

Var copyMoveAction As Integer = WebDragItem.DragActionCopy + WebDragItem.DragActionMove