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I recently added a table of Events to the ContainerControl page. Then you edited it to say that ContainerControl inherits from Window, and you modified the events table to point to Window event definitions. The event table now does not match the IDE in 3 ways:

  1. event table does not include GotFocus, but the IDE does
  2. event table does not include LostFocus, but the IDE does
  3. event table includes CancelClose, but the IDE does not

I feel like this material is now incorrect but maybe I am missing something...

Lars Jensen

Eliza and other new pages

Hi, I'm quite impressed with the amount of recent pages added to this wiki. Are they copied from the old guide or designed anew? I noticed a few things that should probably be improved:

  1. If they're all part of a tutorial, then please add a link, maybe at the very bottom, of all such pages, that brings one back to a entry page that lists all the tutorial pages, or something like this. E.g, the Eliza page just stands by their own there, although it suggest at the start that it's part of several lessons.
  2. The Eliza page has a few literal "
  3. " appearances.
  4. The Eliza sample code is a bit outdated. E.g, it uses the now-deprecated "f.OpenAsTextFile". Should be using TextInputStream.Open(f) with a try/catch wrapper instead now.

TTemplmann 15:29, 8 March 2011 (UTC)

Hi, yes, yes, and yes. Geoff asked me to update the Curriculum; it has not gotten any attention in 4 years. I don't know whether he has plans to use it more generally than as a set of lessons for students. I think it covers useful material that is beyond the tutorial and it is a different approach than is in the Users' Guide. So probably it should be made generally available, but not yet!

I left off somewhere in the Eliza lesson last nite, so I'm not close to being ready to add more links to it. Yesterday, I built the lessons up to the Eliza chapter in RB2011 and noted several items that have been deprecated. I know: they used EditFields and Statictexts in the apps in addition that deprecated method. I saw that. A relatively subtle point was that the ListBox was named "WordList" but "WordList" is now a reserved word, as it is used by the MS Office Automation system.

This was all wikified before me and some chapters use the "#" symbol for numbered instructions, others use the "<li>" tag. I am going to convert them all to the "#" convention, like the other docs. Also, the code was all enclosed in "<div>" statements, indicating that the work was done before they had the "<rbcode>" tag. I am updating everything to "<rbcode>".

You can tell where I left off by where the "<div>" tags start appearing for code snippets. After an initial formatting pass, I will go through and work through the lessons, making any content changes that are still remaining.


Cool. BTW, it may help if you use a editor that supports Regular Expressions, such as TextWranger, so that you can more easily convert all those tags. TTemplmann 18:03, 8 March 2011 (UTC)

I'm using BBEdit, but there's no substitute for actually reading it for content! Especially knowing that it was written 4 years ago and there may be deprecated items lurking anywhere.

I'm happy to read the code afterwards and give some comments on what needs changing if you want to do the final work. Just let me know if the pages are done and I'll add my comments to them. TTemplmann 18:19, 8 March 2011 (UTC)

Thanks! It's not ready yet, though. Let me walk through a provisional copy first, so you are not wasting time correcting things that I hadn't gotten to yet.