Desktop List Box

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A ListBox displays information in one or more columns and can be scrollable. Data can also be displayed in a hierarchical format.


AllowExpandableRows - Allows the ListBox to have rows that can be expanded to show children (for rows added using AddExpandableRow).

AllowFocusRing - Indicates if the focus ring is drawn around the ListBox.

AllowResizableColumns - Indicates that columns can be resized by the user by dragging the separator in the column header. The ListBox must have a header in order for the columns to be resizable.

AllowRowDragging, AllowRowReordering - Enables row dragging, dropping and reordering.

AllowAutoHideScrollbars - Used to hide the scrollbars until they are needed.

Using the ListBox

Border - Specifies the opacity of the border.

CellAlignmentAt, CellAlignmentOffsetAt - Used to specify cell alignments for specific cells (Default, Left, Center, Right, Decimal via the ListBox.Alignments enumeration). Use CellAlignmentOffset (or ColumnAlignmentOffsetAt) to control alignment for decimal values.

CellBorderBottomAt, CellBorderLeftAt, CellBorderRightAt, CellBorderTopAt - Controls the borders that are displayed in individual cells via the ListBox.Borders enumeration. Values are: Default, None, ThinDotted, ThinSolid, ThickSolid, DoubleThinSolid.

CellCheckBoxValueAt - Used to check or uncheck a checkbox that is in a cell.

CellTypeAt, ColumnTypeAt - Specifies the type of a cell or column via the CellTypes enumeration. Values are: Default, Normal, CheckBox, TextField, TextArea.

ColumnAt - Provides access to the ListColumn class to alter column-specific properties such as widths and resizability.

ColumnAlignmentAt, ColumnAlignmentOffsetAt - Used to specify cell alignments for a column via the Alignments enumeration. Values are: Default, Left, Center, Right, Decimal). Use ColumnAlignmentAt (or ColumnAlignmentOffsetAt) to control alignment for decimal values.

ColumnCount - The number of columns.

ColumnSortDirectionAt - Controls the sort direction for a column via the SortDirections enumeration. Values are: Descending, None, Ascending.

ColumnWidths - A text string that specifies the widths to use for all the columns. You can specify widths as fixed pixel sizes, percentages or even calculations.

DefaultRowHeight - The default row height for all the rows. All rows always have the same height.

GridLinesHorizontalStyle, GridLinesVerticalStyle - Specifies the type of grid lines to use via the Borders enumeration. Values are: Default, None, ThinDotted, ThinSolid, ThickSolid, DoubleThinSolid.

HasHeader - Indicates that the ListBox should have a header. A header is required in order to sort and resize columns.

HeaderAt - When HasHeader is True, returns the header at the index passed.

InitialValue - A list of the initial values displayed in the List Box. Separate columns using tab characters. When HasHeading is True, the first row is the name of the headings.

LastRowIndex - The last row added to the List Box by AddRow, AddExpandableRow, AddRowAt or AddExpandableRowAt.

SelectedRowIndex - The currently selected row in the ListBox. Returns -1 when no row is selected.

RequiresSelection - When True, a row remains selected even when the user clicks on an empty area of the ListBox.

RowCount - The number of rows in the ListBox.

ScrollPosition, ScrollPositionX - Controls the vertical and horizontal scroll positions.

SelectedRowCount - If multiple selections are allowed, SelectedRowCount returns the number of selected rows.

RowSelectionType - Specifies whether to allow single or multiple row selection via the RowSelectionTypes enumeration. Values are: Single and Multiple.

SortingColumn - Specifies the current sort column, but does not sort the data (call the Sort method).

SelectedRowValue - The value of the first column of the currently selected row.


CellTagAt, ColumnTagAt, RowTagAt - Used to get or set the tag value (a Variant) for a specific cell, column or row.

RowExpandedAt - For hierarchical ListBoxes, indicates if the specified folder row is currently expanded.