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Property (As TickStyles Enumeration )
aSlider.TickStyle = newTickStyles EnumerationValue
TickStyles EnumerationValue = aSlider.TickStyle

New in 2009r3

Supported for all project types and targets.

Adds tick marks to the Slider.


The values are:

The TickStyles enum has the following values:

Value Constant
0 None
1 TopLeft
2 BottomRight

If the value is None, then there are no Tick Marks. Setting TickStyle to TopLeft places tick marks above a horizontal Slider or to the left of a vertical Slider. Setting TickStyle to BottomRight places tick marks below or to the right of the Slider.


This example is in the Open event of the control. It sets the TickStyle to Bottom Right.

Me.TickStyle = Slider.TickStyles.BottomRight

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