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Because we recognize that you depend on Xojo for your development, we are making a product roadmap available to you.

Below is a highly summarized version of the big feature items on our roadmap. The order below is the order in which we currently believe we will deliver these features. Features are often developed concurrently by the Xojo team. Thus an individual release will sometimes ship with multiple features from this list. This roadmap only includes large features that we are ready to discuss publicly.

WARNING: This roadmap is subject to change. It will be reviewed monthly and revised if necessary. The order in which we expect features to ship may change as features get closer to completion. Do NOT make concrete plans based upon this roadmap. An upcoming feature's suitability for a project cannot be judged until a feature can be tested.


These items are planned for upcoming releases of Xojo:

Order Item Description
1 New documentation system Documentation available in an updated, modern format.
2 iOS on-device debugging The ability to debug iOS apps on device from macOS.
3 ARM64 for Windows The ability to build ARM64 apps for Windows.
4 Android The ability to build native apps that run on Android devices.
5 Modern UI for Windows 11 Use the latest modern UI controls in your apps that run on Windows 11
6 ARM64 for Linux The ability to build ARM64 apps for Linux.
7 IDE Navigation Changes to the Xojo IDE to make navigating your projects faster, easier and more intuitive.
8 Grid Control A flexible grid control with row/column styling and more.
9 Easy Database Connectivity The ability to quickly connect database tables to your app's user interface and get data in and out.
10 Interops - iOS Easy access iOS SDK calls.
11 Plugins made in Xojo The ability to write plugins in Xojo for Xojo.


The roadmap items below have already been implemented in versions of Xojo that have shipped in the last two years. For more details about a specific release, see the release notes.

Release Item Description
2021r3 New Desktop controls with API 2 events Availability of desktop controls with improved consistency. Not required to use, just made available.
2021r3 Windows dark mode support The ability to build apps and use Xojo with support for automatic changing colors/controls in Windows dark mode.
2021r3 Build macOS apps from Windows and Linux The ability to build and remote debug macOS apps from Windows and Linux
2021r2 PDF support on iOS The ability to render PDFs in iOS apps.
2021r2 iOS Notifications service for Xojo Cloud The ability to easily setup iOS notifications from your Xojo Cloud server.
2021r1 Xojo is Universal Xojo itself is now a Universal binary for macOS and runs natively on Apple Silicon.
2020r2 API 2.0 for iOS A new set of APIs that are API 2.0-compliant making it easy to share code with your desktop, web and Android projects.
2020r2 New Desktop controls Built-in Date/Time picker and Search controls for Desktop apps.
2020r2 Plugins for iOS The ability to build and use plugins based on an updated PluginSDK for iOS.
2020r2 Multicore An easy way to utilize multiple cores (via Worker) in your Desktop applications.
2020r2 Native Apple Silicon builds Compile native Apple Silicon/Universal versions of your apps.
2020r1 Web Framework 2.0 A from-the-ground-up rewrite of the Xojo web framework providing more robust web applications, a modern user interface, many new controls, better style management and more. The APIs in this version are API 2.0-compliant.
2020r1 PDF Support Create PDFs using familiar Graphics class routines for Desktop, Web, and Console.