2020r1.1 Release Notes

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(September 28, 2020)

This release has important improvements to Xojo 2020r1.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes

61797WebTimers created in code work again.
61613Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionWindows: Loading URLs before the WebKit based HTMLViewer was initialized potentially caused failed assertions in REALstring.cpp because code was not being safely executed in the main UI thread, but now it is.
61272Framework » AllServerSocket: remove unused SocketRequested event.
61384Framework » AllFixed an assertion in REALstring.cpp that could occur when converting a string from one encoding to another depending on what active thread is doing the conversion.
61636Framework » AllBoolean values are now returned correctly when Iterating rows in a RowSet.
61805Framework » AllDouble.IsNotANumber was incorrectly implemented as Double.IsInfinite and vice versa, this is now fixed.
61370Framework » WebWebSegmentedControl.Pressed event now fires on every click when SelectionStyle = None.
61395Framework » WebWebToolbar buttons and titles which contain elements that are html encoded now render properly at runtime.
61430Framework » WebWebCheckbox caption is now correctly encoded.
61476Framework » WebFixed a potential NilObjectException when calling WebDialog.Close.
61486Framework » WebWebPage.Title is now property encoded.
61489Framework » WebWebViews whose display type is set to Flex now obey the value of their Visible property.
61496Framework » WebWebButton indicator colors can be set back to Default at runtime again.
61497Framework » WebUpdateBrowser sends control changes to the browser immediately again.
61509Framework » WebWebTextField.LostFocus events now fire if the control is last in the tab order.
61531Framework » WebStyle values which are empty or end with a semicolon no longer cause javascript errors at runtime.
61565Framework » WebWebTextField (and subclasses thereof) properly encode text again.
61576Framework » WebWebSDKControl.BrowserCompatibility no longer breaks into a blank debugger window if the requested item doesn't exist.
61583Framework » WebWebToolbarItems of type Menu no longer have two icons and they are now the correct size.
61589Framework » WebWeb apps no longer completely lock up in TCPSocket.Flush when the CPU is otherwise starved by a tight loop.
61608Framework » WebSetting a WebSegmentedButton's title to an empty string works now.
61622Framework » WebWebListbox.LastAddedRowIndex is now correct after calling AddRowAt.
61624Framework » WebWebListbox.CellValueAt now pulls from the correct row after rows have been inserted before the selected row.
61625Framework » WebWeblistbox rows are now added in the correct order.
61629Framework » WebRows inserted with WebListbox.AddRowAt are now added at the correct location in the backing data.
61632Framework » WebWebMenuItems.Icons are now WebPictures instead of just plain Pictures.
61654Framework » WebFixed a bug which caused WebListbox.SelectedRowIndex to be relative to the most recently loaded block of data instead of the entire list of items.
61662Framework » WebWebSDK controls no longer send the same JavaScript and CSS files to the same browser multiple times.
61668Framework » WebWebSegmentedButton titles can now be set in code.
61685Framework » WebWebDialog.Dismissed is no longer when it was never shown.
61688Framework » WebWebListbox headers set at runtime are no longer invisible.
61704Framework » WebCalling MessageBox in a Web project with an empty string no longer raises an OutOfBoundsException.
61728Framework » WebSetting the value of a WebTextField at runtime no longer HTML-encodes the value.
61732Framework » WebThe WebComboBox value when the control is first created is correct again.
61746Framework » WebHaving HandleURL implemented, and not returning True or setting the status to something other than 404 when the URL passed in is an empty string no longer raises an OutOfBoundsException in App.UnhandledException.
61784Framework » WebWebTextFields of type Telephone now show the correct keyboard on iOS.
61786Framework » WebWebComboBox.RemoveAllRows works now.
61794Framework » WebWebTimer.Enabled now works for WebTimers whose Location is set to Server.
61804Framework » WindowsURLConnection: populated request error exception's ErrorNumber with a more meaningful value.
61752Framework » macOSHTMLViewer: floating-point values received by a Javascript request (via executeInXojo) no longer truncates the fractional part.
61796IDE » Language ReferenceLinux IDE: using the Local Language Reference no longer strictly requires libwebkitgtk-3 to be installed.
61618IDE » Layout EditorThe default event for WebDatePicker is now set to ValueChanged.
61407IDE » UpdaterPrerelease update dialog now takes users to the correct place on the new forum.
61484IDE » Web 2.0 Project ConverterWhen converting binary or xml web 1.0 projects, the initial value of PopupMenus are now retained.
44 Bug Fixes


61463Framework » WebWebSearchField.ValueChanged now fires whenever the text changes. The new Pressed event fires when the user presses the Enter/Return key or clicks the search or cancel buttons.
61478Framework » WebWebSessionContexts now throw an UnsupportedOperationException if you try to create one within another Session.
61491Framework » WebWebToolbarItems with icons now disable the icons when the item itself is disabled.
61584Framework » WebThe deprecated WebFile.OnDownloaded delegate has been removed.
61778Framework » WebThe UpdateBrowser methods on WebSDKControl and WebSDKUIControl have been deprecated and replaced with UpdateControl(sendImmediately as Boolean = False) to cut down on unnecessary traffic when multiple things change in an SDK control.
61473Framework » macOSAdded a patch in System.Version so macOS 10.16 will be reported as 11.0 even on apps running under rosetta 2.
6 Changes

New Items

60101Framework » WebWebLabel now has a Pressed event.
61502Framework » WebWebToolbarItem now has a Visible property.
61503Framework » WebWebToolbar now has an ItemWithTag method to make it easier to modify its contents at runtime.
61573Framework » WebWebSession now has ClientWidth and ClientHeight properties which are populated before the session Opening event fires so better decisions can be made about which layouts to use. Both of these values are updates when the WebSession.Resized and WebSession.OrientationChanged events fire.
61644Framework » WebAdded WebListBoxRowData.Tag property and updated RowTagAt to allow retrieving this data at runtime.
61646Framework » WebWebImageViewer and WebCanvas now have a Pressed event which pass the X and Y coordinate of where the user clicked or touched the control.
6 New Items

Docs and Examples

61516ExamplesUpdated SQLiteExample to make better use of API 2.0.
61588ExamplesUpdated WebSimpleSendEmail example for Web 2.0.
61312Language Reference » DocumentationThe DeleteEntireFolder example in the FolderItem.Remove page of the Language Reference has been updated to API 2.0.
61447Language Reference » DocumentationThe example code for WebSessionContext now uses an iterator instead.
61459Language Reference » DocumentationThe WebFileUploader.UploadError event now is properly documented to reflect that a RuntimeException is passed to it rather than a status code and message.
61564Language Reference » DocumentationUpdated code in WebApplication.HandleURL Notes to use Web 2.0 commands.
61591Language Reference » DocumentationWebListBoxRowData has been documented.
61708Language Reference » DocumentationListBox.AllColumns and ListBox.AllRows are now documented both on the ListBox page and on various methods where they can be used.
8 Docs and Examples