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For web apps, see RadioGroup.

Class (inherits from RectControl)

The standard radio button control used by desktop applications. RadioButtons are often placed within GroupBox controls.

GotFocus MouseDown ValueChanged
LostFocus MouseUp
Bold FontSize Underline
Caption FontUnit Value
FontName Italic


If you enclose a group of radio button controls within a parent control (or just the parent window), other radio buttons are automatically deselected when the user presses a radio button in the group.

If you have more than one group of radio buttons in a window, each group should have its own parent control. RadioButtons within a group will be enabled and disabled automatically when the parent control is enabled/disabled. You can use controls such as GroupBoxes, TabPanels, PagePanels, or even Canvases as parent controls.

If the Caption property contains an ampersand character, it will display only if it is preceded by another ampersand character. This is done to make applications on all platforms behave consistently.

Sample Code

Here's how to set up RadioButtons using a GroupBox.

Three RadioButtons are set up as a Control Set and are placed within a GroupBox.

In this code, the controls are all named "RadioButton1". RadioButton1's Action event is passed the parameter, "index As Integer". The parameter Index contains the value of Index for the RadioButton that was clicked. The event handler has this code:

Sub Pressed(index As Integer)
Label1.Value = "You chose radio button " + index.ToString + "."
End Sub

To select a RadioButton in a Control Set, you use its Index property in code to refer to the RadioButton whose value you want to set. For example, the following line selects the second RadioButton from code.

RadioButton1(1).Value = True

See Also

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