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New in 2020r2

The available ways in which your app can request notifications to be displayed when received by the target app.


Enum Description
Alert Shows an alert when a notification is received.
Announcement Allows announcements to be read over AirPods.
Badge Displays a badge on the application icon when a notification is received.
CarPlay Allows received notifications to be displayed in CarPlay.
CriticalAlert Ability to show notifications that override sound and banner restrictions. This option is designed for government agencies and requires a special entitlement from Apple.
None Don't display the notification.
ProvidesNotificationSettings Indicates to the iOS that your app provides its own notification settings screen.
Provisional Ability to show notifications on a provisional basis which the user can decide to accept later.
Sound Ability to play a sound when a notification is delivered.


iOS projects on iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

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