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Class (inherits from Object)

The base class for mobile applications.


Constructor(launchOptions As Ptr)

Activated HandleURL SignificantTimeChange
Closing LaunchOptions UnhandledException
Deactivated LowMemoryWarning
HandleShortcut Opening
AddShortcut RemoveAllShortcuts
BugVersion fa-lock-32.png DefaultiPhoneScreen fa-lock-32.png MinorVersion fa-lock-32.png
CurrentLayout fa-lock-32.png IconBadgeNumber NonReleaseVersion fa-lock-32.png
DefaultiPadScreen fa-lock-32.png MajorVersion fa-lock-32.png StageCode fa-lock-32.png


Changing Your App Name via Code at Build Time

You can change the iOS App Name using an IDE Script like this:

PropertyValue("App.iOSAppName") = "MyApp"

Accepting Files Shared Via Other Apps

To accept files shared with your app from other iOS apps, make sure you have defined a file type you wish to be able to receive. When the user shares a file with your app (via the Files app or the Sharing Panel), the HandleURL event will fire with the file will be passed as a file URL.


Mobile project types on iOS.

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