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Class (inherits from RuntimeException)

A method of the Keychain or KeychainItem classes failed. See the error code returned by KeychainException to diagnose the problem.

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The following tables shows the values of ErrorNumber and the associated text returned in the Message property.

Error Number Message
-128 User Cancelled.
-25291 Keychain not available.
-25292 Keychain read only.
-25293 Keychain Authorization failed.
-25294 No such Keychain.
-25295 Invalid Keychain.
-25296 Duplicate Keychain.
-25797 Keychain Duplicate Callback.
-25298 Keychain Invalid Callback.
-25299 Keychain Duplicate Item.
-25300 Keychain Item Not Found.
-25301 Keychain Buffer Too Small.
-25302 Keychain Data Too Large.
-25303 Keychain No Such Attribute.
-25304 Keychain Invalid Item Reference.
-25305 Keychain Invalid Search Reference.
-25306 Keychain No Such Class.
-25307 No Default Keychain.
-25308 Keychain Interaction Not Allowed.
-25309 Keychain Read Only Attribute.
-25310 Wrong Keychain Version.
-25311 Keychain Key Size Not Allowed.
-25312 Keychain No Storage Module.
-25313 Keychain No Certificate Module.
-25314 Keychain No Policy Module.
-25315 Keychain Interaction Required.
-25316 Keychain Data Not Available.
-25317 Keychain Data Not Modifiable.
-25318 Keychain Create Chain Failed.

Sample Code

The following example displays a message box if, for example, you try to create more than one KeychainItem for the same application.

Var NewItem As KeychainItem
If System.KeychainCount > 0 Then
newItem = New KeychainItem
// Indicate the name of the application
newItem.ServiceName = "MyApplication"

// Create a new keychain item for the application and assign the password
System.Keychain.AddPassword(newItem, "SecretPassword")
Catch error As KeychainException
MessageBox(error.Message + ". Error Code: " + error.errorNumber.ToString)
End Try
MessageBox("You don't have a key chain.")
End If

The following example uses an Exception block to display a message box if the application specified by ServiceName does not have a KeychainItem.

Var itemToFind As KeychainItem
Var password As String

itemToFind = New KeychainItem

// Indicate the name of the application whose keychain item you wish to find
itemToFind.ServiceName = "MyApplication"

// get application's password from the system keychain
password = System.Keychain.FindPassword(itemToFind)
MessageBox("The password for this item is: " + password)
Catch error As KeychainException
MessageBox("Can't find item: " + error.Message)
End Try

See Also

Keychain, KeychainItem, RuntimeException classes; System module.