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Class (inherits from MemberInfo)

Provides information on the attributes of an item via the Introspection system. Attributes are added to project items using the Inspector.

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For attributes of classes, attributes are inherited from the parent class and attribute values are overridden if redefined by the subclass.

Add attributes to project items, methods, properties, constants, etc. by using the "Advanced" tab on the Inspector.

Sample Code

Suppose Window1 has three attributes: The first attribute contains the Name only and the others have both a Name and Value:

Name Value
myName2 "Foo"
myName3 23

The following code retrieves the attributes and displays them in a ListBox:

For Each attribute As Introspection.AttributeInfo In Introspection.GetType(window1).GetAttributes
ListBox1.AddRow attribute.Name
If attribute.Value.IsNull Then
ListBox1.CellValueAt(ListBox1.LastAddedRowIndex,1) = "No Value"
ListBox1.CellValueAt(ListBox1.LastAddedRowIndex,1) = attribute.Value
End If

See Also

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