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A Radio Group control provides a collection of radio buttons for the user to choose from. It enables you to create a single control that contains an array of radio buttons. The default for a Radio Group is two rows/buttons.

In a Web Radio Group control, the number of rows/buttons is controlled by the Initial Value property in the Inspector.

To edit the cells of a Radio Group, use the Initial Values property in the Inspector.

A WebRadioGroup is made up of several WebRadioButtons. Many properties and methods return a WebRadioButton and thus you will want to look at that class for information now what you do with individual radio buttons in the group.

Below are commonly used events, properties and methods. Refer to WebRadioGroup in the Language Reference for the complete list.



Called when the selected radio button has changed.



Use to select or deselect a specific radio button (cell).



Returns the WebRadioButton at the index passed.


Returns the WebRadioButton selected.


When you drag a Radio Group control onto a layout, it starts with two rows called "Option 1" and "Option 2". You can use this code in the ValueChanged event to determine which radio button is selected by the user:

Select Case Me.SelectedRowIndex
Case 0 // Row 1
MessageBox("You clicked the top button.")
Case 1 // Row 2
MessageBox("You clicked the bottom button.")
End Select

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