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Adds a pair of vertical arrows to a window. You can, for example, use an UpDownArrows control to increment or decrement the value of another object.

Super Class


Because this is a RectControl, see the RectControl for other properties and events that are common to all RectControl objects.


Name Parameters Description
Down The user has clicked the Down arrow.
Changed 2009r1
The UpDownArrows control has received the focus and can respond to the Up and Down arrow keys. This event replaces the deprecated GainedFocus event.
LostFocus The UpDownArrows control has lost the focus.
Up The user has clicked the Up arrow.


Name Type Description
AcceptFocus Boolean If True, the UpDownArrows control is included in the Tab order and can get the focus.

When the control has the focus, it has a selection rectangle around it; pressing the Up arrow will fire the Up event and pressing the Down arrow will fire the Down event. The default value is False. An UpDownArrows control can get the focus only on Windows.

See Also

RectControl class.