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There are a wide variety of open-source Xojo projects, many of which are listed below. If you create an open-source project or find one not listed here, please let us know so we can add it:


Product Publisher Description
iOSKit Jason King A declares implementation of many different classes forXojoiOS apps.
iOSWrapper Michel Bujardet Module that brings legacy and additional functions toXojoiOS.
xojoGestures Stephen Beardslee Xojo ;module for attachingUIGestureRecognizersto Views.
Xojo-AppleLib Ulrich Bogun A library extending Xojo's macOS and iOS features - 64 bit and new framework compatible.
CommonMark-iOS Garry Pettet Markdown parsing for Xojo iOS applications.
xojo_ThrottleSocket Jérémie LEROY An extension to Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket to include network throttling.
iOSDesignExtensions Jérémie LEROY 100+ functions to extend iOSControls design.
iRate Jérémie LEROY A handy Xojo class that prompts users of your iPhone or Mac App Store app to rate your application after using it for a while.


Product Publisher Description
TextInputCanvas Xojo Source for a plugin that allows developers to implement custom text input controls with international input support.
TextInputCanvas fork Einhugur Fork of the plugin that allows developers to implement custom text input controls with international input support.
MacOSLib DeclareSub Contains lots of Mac-specific functionality, including support for Mac App Store validation, X-platform preferences and many macOS Cocoa APIs.
MacOSLib (64-bit fork) Serge D Contains lots of Mac-specific functionality, including support for Mac App Store validation, X-platform preferences and many macOS Cocoa APIs. Updated for 64-bit.
WinAPILib Paul Lefebvre WinAPI Declare Library for use with Xojo.
Windows Functionality Suite A collection of Windows-specific functionality.
XojoHTTPServer BrandonSkrtich A http server class for Xojo / RealBasic licensed under the MIT License.
XojoControls BrandonSkrtich A set of custom controls for Xojo / RealBasic licensed under the MIT License.
YubiKey BrandonSkrtich A YubiKey Authentication Class for Xojo / RealBasic.
CustomEditField Thomas Tempelmann Powerful text editor class made in Xojo.
FGSourceList GarryPettet A SourceList control.
FGScopeBar GarryPettet A ScopeBar control.
FGThumbnailCanvas Garry Pettet A Canvas subclass for displaying image thumbnails.
rhCharts Rich Hatfield Xojo Charting Class
Calendar Time Chooser Mike Cotrone Xojo Calendar and Time Chooser Picklist.
Logging Class Mike Cotrone Xojo Class for Syslog Style File Logging.
TELNET Class Mike Cotrone This is the repository for the TELNET Class for Xojo.
Kaju Kem Tekinay Xojo code for implementing self-updating apps.
Xojo Colors Module Nocturnal Coding Monkeys This is a Xojo Module for Colors. This makes it easy to assign colors to Windows, Container Controls, and other Controls without having to memorizing the RGB codes for various colors.
Cool Loading Wheel Control Mike Cotrone This is a 'loading wheel' that is very cool looking and has a twitter bootstrap feel.
Mojo DeclareSub Mojo is a library of items missing from the Xojo framework.
Xojo-EasyData Camp Software Xojo EasyData for FileMaker Developers - Making Xojo Database Apps Easier.
iChart123 Create professional looking charts using 100% Xojo code.
ChartPart Kevin Cully ChartPart is an open-source native Xojo class that you drop into your projects for when you need elementary charting capabilities. ChartPart works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Chart types available are bar charts, stacked bar charts, pie charts, and line charts.
Sxcript Gerard Van Zee Script editor ContainerControl for XojoScript.
VB Xojo A library of Visual Basic functions for use with the Xojo programming language.
filmStripImageBrowser Tim Parnell Open source filmstrip image browser project.
TPBlinkPic Tim Parnell Shows a Picture for a time, providing visual feedback (great for Auto Save or other notifications).
TextFieldAutocomplete Javier Rodríguez (ApprendeXojo) A TextField that offers Auto Complete capabilities for Xojo desktop projects.
RTFBox Gino Deblauwe This is a parser and an editor (control) to implement RTF into your Xojo project.


Product Publisher Description
KLTableViewControl Francisco Lobo This class is a view controller to manage cells (table). It was designed from the ground up for speed and performance. It provides several options to help reduce the loading time (like lazy loading of cells).
KLNotificationView Francisco Lobo A simple to implement and use notification view for web applications.
Materialize José Luis Cuesta A Xojo library using the web SDK to implement MaterializeCSS (Material Design) components.
ToastrIJ Ian Jones ToastrIJ is a Xojo Web SDK Control that wraps the most excellent toastr notificationsJavaScript library.
PlupLoad 1701 Software Plupload HTML web upload control for Xojo Web.
WebSocket Kem Tekinay A WebSocket class for Xojo.
Luna Tim Dietrich Luna is an open source, Xojo-based framework for creating RESTful APIs.
Aloe Express Tim Dietrich Aloe Express is a powerful, easy-to-use, open source foundation on which you can build Web APIs, microservices, and more using Xojo.
LunaAPIDocGen Dirk Cleenwerck LunaAPI Documentation Generator.
LunaAPI2Swagger Dirk Cleenwerck Generates the Swagger (OpenAPI 2.0) documentation for your Luna API.
Backendd Derk Jochems A web server made with Xojo, for use as a backend (backendd for daemon). Based on Aloe Express.
NativeDatefield Lars Lehmann A easy and simple but performant Datepicker for the Xojo webeedition.
Metro James Dooley Metro UI for Xojo Web Apps.
StaticContent 1701 Software Serve static content from your Xojo Web app. Especially useful in standalone and load balanced environments.
MediaFile James Sentman A xojo WebFile replacement that supports Range requests headers. Necessary for serving video or audio to Safari on MacOS or iOS.
Twilio Example Jordan You'll need to get an API AccoutID and Token from Twilio. Plug into the Authentication Event on the Socket Control and you should be good to go. ;)

Raspberry Pi

Product Publisher Description
GPIO Xojo A module for accessing the Raspberry Pi GPIO port using the Xojo programming language.
bme280 Johannes Stumpf Xojo class for communicating with a BOSCH bme280 environmental sensor via wiringPi on a raspberry.


Project Owner Description
XojoFormat Code JeremyCowgar Code formatter written inXojoScriptforXojo.
Profile-Reader KemTekinay DisplaysXojoProfile Code reports.
OpenLingua ThomasTempelmann A clone of Xojo's Lingua application for localizing your apps.
XsEdit Kem Tekinay A XojoScript editor.
XPT Jeremy Cowgar Xojo Project Tool - tool to manipulate the manifest files for Xojo.
pygments-xojo Charles Yeomans Pygments-Xojo adds support for the Xojo language to the Pygments syntax highlighting package.
PawExtensions Xojo Xojo extensions for Paw tool.
Strike3 Garry Pettet A command line static site generator written in Xojo.
HTTP Test Generator Andrew Lambert A tool for exploring HTTP from both client and server perspectives.
MySQL Backup Etienne Pilon Backup tool for Xojo and MySQL.
MarkdownKit Garry Pettet MarkdownKit is a native Xojo Markdown parser that is fully CommonMark compliant. It works on every supported Xojo platform.
Xojo2DMG Jürg Otter CodeSign, DMG creation and Notarization (Post Build Script).
xLocalizer Jim Meyer Translate "Localized Strings" in a Xojo project using AWS or Google Translate.


Project Owner Description
XojoUnit Xojo Unit Testing framework for Xojo.
Storm Paul Lefebvre Object-relational manager (ORM) for SQLite and Xojo.
XojoSimpleSockets Brandon Skrtich A Open Source Replacement forEasyTCPSocketandEasyUDPSocket.
XojoUtilities Brandon Skrtich A set of utility classes for Xojo / RealBasic licensed under MIT License.
DropBoxAPI Mike Cotrone Providesprogramaticintegration withDropboxdirectly (not through sync services). This project is a work in progress as I am not implemented every API call in theDropboxCore API to start.
Xojo-OpenLib Camp Software An open library of methods and functions for Xojo.
GlueKit 1701 Software Porting library for the new Xojo framework. It gracefully downgrades to old framework equivalents when needed.
SQLdeLite 1701 Software SQL components for accelerating your application development withXojo.
TT's Persistent Objects Thomas Tempelmann These classes make it possible to easily store the properties of select classes in a database, without having to deal with RecordSets and all the other DB specifica such as SQL commands for creating tables or deleting rows.
Data Serialization Kem Tekinay Xojo class to serialize and deserialize classes via JSON.
MongoDB Xojo Driver Alwyn Bester This is the MongoDB driver for the Xojo programming language. The current version of the driver only supports connections to a single server. Support for replica sets and sharding will be added in future versions of the driver.
Xojo Option Parser Jeremy Cowgar Parses command line parameters to your Xojo app.
JSONItem_MTC Kem Tekinay A drop-in, faster replacement for the native Xojo JSONItem class. Project includes classic versions of ParseJSON and GenerateJSON methods.
OpenCV François Jouen Use OpenCV (open-source Computer Vision) with Xojo.
classPreferences Mike Charlesworth A cross platform preferences class for Xojo using SQLite.
Slack Xojo A Xojo library for communicating with Slack.
FM Xojo A library of FileMaker functions for use with Xojo.
XojoDoc Jeremy Cowgar Source code documentation tool for the Xojo programming language.
JSONObject Massimo Valle A Xojo JSONItem enhancement.
REST classes Kem Tekinay A REST client framework for Xojo.
DICOMKit Garry Pettet A Xojo module for interacting with medical DICOM files.
Inno Setup Core Lance Darby This is core Inno Setup common files for Xojo Projects.
SQLBuilder_MTC Kem Tekinay Xojo classes to build a SQL statement.
M_Crypto (formally Blowfish) Kem Tekinay AES, Blowfish, Scrypt, SHA-256/512 Digest, and Bcrypt for Xojo.
Pushover Xojo Xojo class to use with the Pushover notification server and app.
XF SeanShao This is a collection of classes and modules that add features to your Xojo-based applications. Any of the system (declares) based code is currently macOS only, but most of this is cross-platform.
TPSF Tim Parnell Module for accessing build step folders with the old framework.
TPStyledPrint Tim Parnell Makes styled print output easy for Xojo Console apps.
RB-libcURL Andrew Lambert Xojo bindings for libcurl.
Xojo Instruments Kenichi Maehashi Runtime Monitoring Tool for Xojo Desktop Apps.
IPify Javier Rodríguez (ApprendeXojo) Xojo Class for using IPify service.
Redis_MTC Kem Tekinay Redis class for Xojo.
HTTPDocConverter Javier Rodríguez (ApprendeXojo) Multiplatform Xojo Class that uses the DocConverter API to convert from text plain, HTML or Markdown to PDF, ePUB, Mobi, DOCX and RTF.
Modern Preferences Garry Pettet A Xojo module for storing application preferences as JSON using the new framework.
rsfpdf Dirk Cleenwerck Xojoport of FPDF library to create PDF files.
XojoORM Étienne Pilon ORM is a object-relation-mapper for Xojo applications.
M_Dictionary Kem Tekinay A Xojo Dictionary based Fibonacci hash.
OrmRecord Advanced Pricing Orm classes for Xojo.
RB-zlib Andrew Lambert Realbasic and Xojo bindings for zlib.
RegCode Paul Lefebvre A simple way to create registration codes for your Xojo apps.
Libsodium Andrew Lambert Xojo bindings for libsodium,a cross-platform fork of the NaCl cryptographic library.
M_Presentation Kem Tekinay, Tim Parnell Tools for creating a presentation demo in Xojo.
PCAP Bindings Andrew Lambert Xojo bindings for libpcap/WinPcap.
ConsoleOptionParser Greg O'Lone A class for parsing command-line options in a xojo console app.
M_Precision Kem Tekinay Higher precision numbers for Xojo.
Service Debug Launcher Wayne Golding Assists with debugging Windows services developed with Xojo.
URI Andrew Lambert A URL parsing class for Xojo
Twitter Basic Synchronous o3jvind A simple Twitter client.
Lex Garry Pettet A Xojo module to provide lexical analysis features to Xojo. It will convert source code text to tokens.
CodeBase Derk Jochems Xojo shared code for community and commercial use. Contains Modules, Classes, Interfaces, Controls and more for use in any project.
XoPE Garry Pettet Xojo Physics Engine. A native Xojo port of the Java JBox2D physics engine.
MQTTLib Eric de La Rochette An implementation of the MQTT protocol for Xojo. (Work in progress)
Twitter OAuth Atsushi Twitter auth demo app with Xojo.
GTKLib Ulrich Bogun Basic classes that could serve as a fundament for building a Xojo Library.
Evolve Garry Pettet Rules-based natural language intent parser for Xojo.
Dropbox Atsushi Using Dropbox API on Xojo.
DateKit Garry Pettet Xojo natural language date parser.
Wikipedia Search Atsushi Use Wikipedia's MediaWiki API to retrieve content and display it in HTMLViewer.
Intel Power Gadget API Ulrich Bogun Xojo declares into Intel Power Gadget API.
Roo Garry Pettet A programming language made with Xojo.
Xoson Christopher Kobusch Xoson provides utilities to convert Xojo objects to and from JSON.
ImpulseEngine Garry Pettit A 2D rigid body physics engine for Xojo
HexagonalGridXojo Eugene Dakin Draw a hexagonal grid in Xojo.
XojoArrow Eugene Dakin Create an arrow with an arrowhead in Xojo.
SineWaveVerticalXojo Eugene Dakin Draw a vertical sine wave in Xojo.
SineWaveHorizontalXojo Eugene Dakin Draw a horizontal sine wave in Xojo.

Example Projects

Project Owner Description
Drug Assist Bill Kapeles This app was written for the Xojo #justCode challenge and to help me study my drugs for paramedic school. It's pretty straightforward, allows the student to make their own 'drug card' for each drug. As we progress in versions, testing on the entered drugs will also be incorporated.
Berlin Clock Jonathan Eisen Berlin Clock written in Xojo
Calculator Jonathan Eisen Simple calculator. Written forXojo Just Code Challenge Week 1.
Write Idea Bill Kapeles This app allows the user to record ideas for their writing projects - like blog posts, or articles, rank them, track writing dates, publishing dates, etc. The key Xojo takeaways for this app are the creation and perpetuation of a SQLite database, INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE of records within the database, and basic UI manipulation. This app was created as part of the #JustCode challenge. Enjoy!
Word Clock Steven Brown Displays time in words.
Alpha Channel Remover clmmakers Xojo project for creating png without alpha channel.
Google DNS Domain Updater Étienne Pilon Little class for Xojo that can update IP of a sub domain in services.
SigmoID Yevgeny Nikolaichik A Xojo/python tool to ease annotation of sigma-factor and TF binding sites in bacterial genomes.
Game of Life Andrew Lambert A Life-like cellular automata tool in in Xojo.
Matasano dda The first set of Matasano challenges, in Xojo.
Xojo Wars Paul Lefebvre The gaming contest for XDC2015!
ColorPicker Paul Lefebvre Color Picker app made for 2018 Just Code Challenge.
PasswordGenerator Paul Lefebvre Password Generator app made for 2018 Just Code Challenge.
Mini-Golf ScoreKeeper Paul Lefebvre An iOS app to keep score of your mini-golf games. Made for 2018 Just Code Challenge.
CRCCalculator Jürg Otter This example Xojo project shows how CRC Calculations (Cyclic Redundancy Check: CRC8, CRC16, CRC32) can be implemented in Xojo Code.