2020r2.1 Release Notes

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(December 14, 2020)

This release has important improvements to Xojo 2020r2.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes

62783Build* If main app tries to start a worker without the required Helpers folder (that contains the workers) then it sends a message to the Error event instead of causing a NilObjectException.
  • At end of build process, the entire build folder is removed if any worker had a build error.
  • When Show Build Folder is enabled, only the primary build folder is shown.
62805BuildUniversal builds that include separate x86_64 and arm64 plugins parts are now correctly merged/structured to be able to work on older macOS versions.
62910BuildBuilding a Universal app without Builds Folder enabled now correctly replaces the old App. Building a Universal console app now correctly merges the plugin parts (if the plugin included a separate x86-64 and arm64 part).
62940BuildRemoved the macOS photos entitlement from iOS projects.
63060CompilerResizing an Array of Structures no longer crashes for macOS ARM builds.
62824Crashes & Assertions » Failed AssertionLinux: Color.SelectedFromDialog no longer raises a failed assertion on if the prompt supplied is an empty string.
62847Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionFixed a NilObjectException that could occur when attempting to identify build errors in the Worker Console project.
62895Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionDisplay a rendering error if the MobileApplication.DefaultiPhoneLayout or DefaultiPadLayout is blank (instead of causing an IDE NilObjectException).
63057Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionChanging the super of a control to a control type that is not compatible with the current project type no longer crashes the IDE.
62807Database Plugins » ODBCODBCDatabase no longer fails to connect (with Actual Technologies ODBC drivers for example).
59705Framework » AllPtr method offsets are now capable of addressing values larger than Int32 for 64-bit builds, instead of crashing.
62889Framework » AllFixed an iOS Introspection issue to allow changing a property value, invoking a Constructor with parameters and invoking a method with parameters.
62894Framework » AllParseJSON no longer raises a Failed Assertion when passed an empty string.
62960Framework » AllFixed TextHeight / TextAscent returning wrong values in PDFGraphics when a new Font is set.
62973Framework » AllReplaceB/String.ReplaceBytes no longer raises failed assertion when the replacement string is an empty string.
62881Framework » ConsoleNow the DateTimePicker control uses the standard border width under Windows.
62756Framework » DesktopDateTimePicker control Height changed to 22 points on Windows.
62825Framework » DesktopNow it is possible to set a new DateTime object to the SelectedDate property on macOS; no matter the Regional settings the user may be using.
62826Framework » DesktopNow the DateTimePicker control honors the Top value when displayed in Text mode on macOS
62880Framework » DesktopNow the DateSelected property returns a valid/updated DateTime object on Windows.
62885Framework » DesktopTabPanel.RemovePanelAt no longer throws an OutOfBoundsException if the Tab to be removed actually exists.
62928Framework » DesktopDo not call Worker Error event when Worker Helper quits normally.
62937Framework » DesktopFixed a bug in PDF where Rectangles/Ovals wheren't drawn if origin at 0,0 and/or size equals the size of the page.
62849Framework » LinuxListbox border is no longer cut-off on the right/bottom edges.
62897Framework » LinuxNo longer leaks objects/memory when Gtk related objects (like Controls, Windows, MenuItems, etc.) are destructed with Normalized Control Sizes enabled.
61772Framework » WebWebDatePicker week start day is now Sunday for the en-US locale.
62996Framework » WebFixed an issue which caused debugged web apps to stop in the debugger multiple times during startup.
63022Framework » WebWebListbox.RemoveRowAt now throws an OutOfBoundsException if the row parameter is after the last row in the list.
62671Framework » iOS » MobileAdding non-UI controls to iOS project no longer crashes on run.
62851Framework » iOS » MobileGlobal.Speak is now System.Speak.
62875Framework » iOS » MobileUDPSocket usage no longer causes app to terminate after unlocking phone.
62896Framework » iOS » MobileRuntime module methods (like ObjectCount, MemoryUsed, etc.) are now accessible for iOS.
62908Framework » iOS » MobileGraphics.Font now returns a Font object instead of iOSFont.
62936Framework » iOS » MobileGraphics FontSize, Bold and Italic have been removed. Please use the equivalent functionality found in the Font class instead.
63051Framework » iOS » MobileFixed an issue where MobileScreen.Closing was firing incorrectly for non-modal views.
62841Framework » macOSBrush/gradient offsets are now control relative.
62947IDE » Auto CompleteFix a regression which caused autocomplete to omit project items after IsA.
62948IDE » Auto CompleteFixed an autocomplete regression which caused the code editor to only suggest event definition names on lines that began with RaiseEvent regardless of where you were on the line.
62822IDE » GraphicsEnumeration and Attribute editor add/remove buttons now transition properly between OS light and dark modes.
62903IDE » LibraryWebSDK controls now use the correct icon in the library.
62878IDE » MiscellaneousmacOS Universal builds no longer fails when the App name is a constant.
62678RBScriptXojoScript no longer crashes due to incorrectly generating AVX instruction code for CPUs that don’t support it.
42 Bug Fixes


63001Framework » DesktopFixed a bug were PDFDocument rendered lines with half the pen size in the x or y coordinates when those values were set to zero, this is because half of the line is drawn outside the page bounds.
62901Framework » WindowsFix: Now the SearchField control selects all the text when it gets the focus (on Windows). Fix: The control height is set to the by default 22 points.
62605IDE » DebuggerA link to view all Controls embedded on a MobileScreen is now available when debugging the MobileScreen object.
62620IDE » DebuggerGlobal variables list now supports viewing all MobileScreens when debugging iOS projects.
4 Changes

New Items

62763IDE » Build AutomationCopyFilesSteps can now be specified by architecture.
62773IDE » Build Automation- Build steps now have an Architecture option which allows you to specify if they should run for Intel or ARM builds. - Make it possible to intercept the build process with an IDE script with the name "XojoBuildPressed.xojo_script".
62919IDE » MiscellaneousWindows IDE: error messages for plugins that fail to load now contain the actual DLL file that failed. This can be seen in the debug log or in the Loaded Plugins section in the About Box.
3 New Items

Docs and Examples

62871Documentation » MiscellaneousAdded missing Render method from the XojoVisualControl documentation section of the WebSDK.
62791ExamplesUpdated GradientExample to use Graphics.Brush and ShadowBrush properties along with ShadowBrush, LinearGradientBrush and RadialGradientBrush classes.
62811ExamplesFixed compile errors in iOS ShortcutExample, iOS Tabs, Notification Categories and Simple Notification example projects.
62846Language Reference » DocumentationDataSourceNames and DriverNames methods have been deprecated. DataSources and Drivers methods have been added.
4 Docs and Examples