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Used by the Report class to create reports.


The Reports module contains the following items:

Item Description
Reports.Units An Enum that contains the Units in which the report's dimensions are measured (pixels, inches, or millimeters).
Reports.DataSet The interface that provides data access for the report.
Reports.RBReportDocument The document that is generated when the report is run.
Reports.RecordSetQuery A class that takes a RecordSet and makes it usable to the reporting engine.

See the two example projects, Gas Report and Database Example, for examples of reports. The two projects differ mainly in that the Gas Report uses a text file as its data source while the Database Example uses a REAL SQL Server dataset. The Gas Report uses the Reports.DataSet interface to obtain the data for the reporting engine while the Example Database uses Reports.RecordSetQuery to obtain the data from a RecordSet.

See Also

Report, RBReportDocument, ReportField, Report, ReportLabel, ReportLineShape, ReportOvalShape, ReportRectangleShape, ReportPicture classes.