Operator AddRight

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Used to overload the + operator, providing custom functionality. Operator_AddRight is the same as Operator_Add but the implicit Self instance is on the right instead of the left in the addition.


Create an Operator_AddRight function in a class to specify the functionality of the + operator for that class and the Self instance is on the right.

The ordinary (left) methods are always preferred; the Right version is used only if there is no legal left version.

Sample Code

Suppose you have a class, Vector, that can store a vector of modest size. To define the + operator for this class, create a method of the Vector class called Operator_AddRight.

The Vector class has two integer properties, x and y.

Operator_AddRight is defined as:

Function Operator_AddRight(lhs As Vector) As Vector
// lhs stands for left-hand-side, the vector to be added to Self
Var ret As New Vector // the sum of the two vectors
ret.x = lhs.x + Self.x
ret.y = lhs.y + Self.y
Return ret
End Function

See Also

+ operator, Operator_Add function.