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Assigns a value to a String variable by concatenating the elements of a one-dimensional String array.


'result=Join(sourceArray [,delimiter'])

Part Type Description
result String String that results from concatenating all the elements of sourceArray, optionally separated by delimiter.
sourceArray String array Source array whose elements will be used to create result.
delimiter String Optional delimiter used in separating the elements of sourceArray when creating result. The default is one space.


Join takes a one-dimensional String array and concatenates the individual elements into a single String variable. You can pass an optional delimiter which will be inserted between the fields in the resulting String. If no delimiter is passed, a single space will be used as the delimiter.

The Split function performs the opposite function. It takes a String and creates an array by parsing the string into array elements using a specified delimiter.


This example concatenates a three-element array into the string "Anthony,Aardvark,Accountant".

Dim myArray(2) as String
Dim s as String
//specifying the comma delimiter
s=Join(myArray,",") //creates "Anthony,Aardvark,Accountant"

See Also

Dim statement; Array, NthField, Split, Ubound, functions; Append, IndexOf, Insert, Pop, Redim, Remove, Shuffle, Sort, Sortwith methods; ParamArray keyword.