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{{Deprecated | version=2019r3 }}
| name=CreateVirtualVolume
| name=CreateVirtualVolume

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FolderItem.CreateVirtualVolume() As VirtualVolume

Supported for all project types and targets.

Creates and formats a new VirtualVolume at the location specified by the FolderItem.


This example creates a VirtualVolume.

Var vv As VirtualVolume
Var realFile As FolderItem
Var virtFile As FolderItem
Var output As TextOutputStream
realFile = GetFolderItem("VV")
vv = realFile.CreateVirtualVolume
If vv = Nil Then
MessageBox("Unable to create virtual volume")
virtFile = vv.Root.Child("Virtual File.txt")
output = TextOutputStream.Create(virtFile)
output.Write("Hello world!")
End If

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