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The currently selected color for drawing disabled text in a window. By default it is a light gray.


result = DisabledTextColor

Part Type Description
result Color The color used for drawing disabled text in the system’s graytext color.


This value is useful when you want to assign the system graytext color to disabled text.

Sample Code

This usage of DisabledTextColor affects the second text string. The code is in the Paint event of a Canvas.

g.DrawString("This is my text", 10,10, 100, False) // enabled text color

g.ForeColor = DisabledTextColor
g.DrawString("This is my text", 10, 50, 100, False) // disabled text color

See Also

CMY, DarkTingeColor, FillColor, FrameColor, HighlightColor, HSV, LightBevelColor, LightTingeColor, RGB, TextColor functions; Color data type