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<dynamicTable id="Methods" class="methodTable" title="Methods" columns="2">
<dynamicTable id="Methods" class="methodTable" title="Methods" columns="2">
{{Method | name=AddDataNotificationReceiver | params= AddDataNotificationReceiver | prefix=DataNotifier | description=Registers a DataNotificationReceiver. }}
{{Method | name=AddDataNotificationReceiver | params= receiver As DataNotificationReceiver | prefix=DataNotifier | description=AddDataNotificationReceiver (receiver As DataNotificationReceiver)&#x0A;Registers a DataNotificationReceiver. }}
{{Method | name=RemoveDataNotificationReceiver | params= AddDataNotificationReceiver | prefix=DataNotifier | description=Unregisters a DataNotificationReceiver.}}
{{Method | name=RemoveDataNotificationReceiver | params= receiver As DataNotificationReceiver | prefix=DataNotifier | description= RemoveDataNotificationReceiver (receiver As DataNotificationReceiver)&#x0A;Unregisters a DataNotificationReceiver.}}

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The DataNotifier interface is implemented by CheckBox. A DataNotifier object calls the DataChanged method of each DataNotificationReceiver registered with it.

AddDataNotificationReceiver RemoveDataNotificationReceiver


If you implement this interface in your application, you must implement the methods with the parameters as shown here.

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