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Returns the number of values (fields) in the string passed that are separated by the separator string passed. If the source string is binary data or you require case-sensitivity, use CountFieldsB instead.


result = CountFields(stringVariable, separator)


result = stringVariable.CountFields(separator)

Part Type Description
result Integer The number of values in source that are separated by separator.
stringVariable String The original string.
separator String The character or characters that separate the values in source.


The CountFields function is useful for reading columns of data from a text file where the columns (fields) are delimited with a specific character or characters.

If the separator is not found within source, CountFields returns 1. If source is null, CountFields returns zero.

Using CountFields in a loop to extract fields from a string is inefficient. You should use Split and Ubound for this purpose.

Sample Code

The code below returns 5.

Dim count As Integer
Dim s As String
s = "Dan*Smith*11/22/69*5125554323*Male"
count = CountFields(s, "*")
count = s.CountFields("*")

The following code returns three because it counts the null "field" after the (unnecessary) final field delimiter.

Dim count As Integer
Dim s As String
s = "Dan*Smith*"
count = CountFields(s, "*")

This code in the Open event handler populates a PopupMenu and sets the initial value to the current month:

Dim s As String
Dim i, last As Integer
Dim d As New Date
s = "January,February,March,April,May,June,July," _
+ "August,September,October,November,December"
last = CountFields(s,",")
For i = 1 To last
Me.AddRow(NthField(s, ",", i))
Me.ListIndex = d.Month - 1

See Also

CountFieldsB, NthField, Split, Text.Split functions; TextInputStream class