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Returns a Color based on the CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) color model.


result=CMY(cyan, magenta, yellow)

Part Type Description
result Color An object that represents the color based on the cyan, magenta, and yellow values.
cyan Double The value of Cyan in the color (0-1).
magenta Double The value of Magenta in the color (0-1).
yellow Double The value of Yellow in the color (0-1).


The CMY function returns a Color based on the amounts of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow passed. These amounts are represented by doubles between 0 and 1 and are stored internally as three bytes. You can also use either the RGB or HSV models to assign a color. You can specify a color literal with the &c literal.


This example uses the CMY function to assign a Color to the Fillcolor property of a Rectangle control.


See Also

Color data type; HSV, RGB, SelectColor functions; &c literal.