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Date Topic
Oct 10 What’s New in Xojo 2019 Release 2
Sep 24 Using the Code Profiler
May 21 Enhance Your iOS Apps with Tables
May 14 XDC 2019 Recap
Apr 9 Organize Your Desktop User Interface with Tab and Page Panels
Apr 2 Using Google Fonts in your Web Apps
Mar 19 Desktop Tutorial
Mar 12 Web QuickStart
Mar 5 Singleton and Factory Design Patterns
Feb 26 Using ODBC
Feb 12 Web Dialogs
Feb 5 Dialogs and Modal Windows
Jan 30 SQLite New Features
Jan 15 Connecting to Web Services with URLConnection
Jan 8 2018 Recap


Date Topic
Dec 11 Pragmatic Programming
Dec 4 Console Project Overview
Nov 27 iOS Project Overview
Nov 13 Web Project Overview
Nov 6 Desktop Project Overview
Oct 23 Observer Pattern
Oct 16 Sending Email
Oct 2 Threading
Sep 25 Working Remotely from Home
Sep 18 iOS Toolbars
Aug 21 Web Toolbars
Aug 14 Desktop Toolbars
Aug 7 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Jul 31 Power User IDE Tips
Jul 17 IDE Overview
Jul 10 Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Jun 18 Cool Xojo Language Features
Jun 12 Using Temper API with FileMaker
May 8 XDC 2018 Recap
Mar 27 Raspberry Pi and Xojo
Mar 6 Database Development
Feb 27 Database Development
Jan 23 Simplify Software Development with Xojo


2017 Year in Review
Wonderful World of Windows
FileMaker Web Publishing With Xojo and Aloe
Help Desk with Chat
Making a Multi-Platform App
What's New in Xojo 2017 Release 2
ARGen by BKeeney Software
Making Pi Apps
Native, Cross-Platform Desktop Apps
Making Desktop-Style Web Apps
Making Native iOS Apps
2017r1 New Features
What is Xojo Programming?
What is Xojo?
What is Xojo?
What's New in Xojo 2016 Release 4


Using Console Apps
Advanced SQLite
Managing Screen Layouts
Cross-Platform Tips
Menus (Desktop and Web)
Code Sharing
Integrate with FileMaker Databases using FMLuna
Creating an RSS Reader
Microsoft Office Automation
Fascinating Facts and 2016r2 iOS Features
iOS View Navigation
Migrating from Visual Basic to Xojo
Remote Debugging with Virtual Machines
Windows Installers
HiDPI (Retina) Support
All About File Types
Making Database Web Services
Connecting to Databases
Xojo Q&A for FoxPro Developers
Reporting with BKS Shorts
Enterprise Application Development
Introduction to Xojo


Xojo Q&A for FileMaker Developers
Xojo Q&A
Easily Create Raspberry Pi Apps
Rapid Application Development
Using the Slack API
Xojo Framework: HTTPSocket
Xojo Framework: JSON
Xojo Wars Community Battle
Develop Native iOS Apps that Integrate with FileMaker
Text And Encodings
Arrays, Dictionaries, Iterators
All About Data Types
Xojo Wars Community Battle Kick-Off
iOS File Sharing with iTunes
Simplying DB Access with BKeeney ActiveRecord
XDC 2015 Recap
Enhancing Xojo Reporting with BKeeney Shorts
Using PostgreSQL and MySQL with Xojo Cloud
Useful Xojo Add-Ons
REST Web Services with Xojo, Part 2
REST Web Services with Xojo, Part 1
Creating iOS Declares
Using Namespaces
Deploying iOS Apps
Creating the XojoNotes iOS App
The New Xojo Framework
Xojo iOS Overview


Hour of Code with iOS
Enterprise App Development
Using ODBC
Retro Gaming
Getting to Know Git, Part 2
Introduction to Introspection
Using Regular Expressions
Getting to Know Git, Part 1
Creating Extraordinary Apps
Designing Delightful Databases
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 101
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 201
Making Games
Enhancing Mac Apps with MacOSLib
The Pragmatic Programmer
Design Patterns
Good Guy ListBox
Introduction to Programming 201
Tutorial: Creating a Desktop Application
Tutorial: Creating a Web Application
Introduction to Programming 101
Clever Canvas Control
Dynamic Controls
Fun with Files
XDC 2014 Recap
User Interface Controls for Web Apps
Reporting and Printing
Source Control
Designing a Mobile Web App
IDE Scripting


Accessing 3rd Party Web Services
Localizing Your Apps
Developing a Text Editor, Part 2
Developing a Text Editor, Part 1
Using SQLite
Power User IDE Tips
Working with Threads
Uploading and Downloading Files with a web app
Using the ListBox
Building and Selling Your Apps
Cool Language Features
Web Container Controls
Desktop Container Controls
Creating a Chat App
Creating a Database Application