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Read-Only Property (As iOSSplitView )
iOSSplitViewValue = aiOSView.ParentSplitView

Supported on Mobile (iOS).

Indicates the split view that is the owner of this View. It is Nil is there is no split view. A split view can only be used on iPad devices.


Use this property to determine if a SplitView is displayed. You can then use it to get access to the Master and Detail views that are displayed.

Sample Code

If a SplitView is used, then populate the detail side, otherwise, push a new view onto the screen:

If Self.ParentSplitView <> Nil Then
// On Action event for a Table on a Master view of the SplitView.
// Gets the Text for the selected row and
// assigns it to a Label on the DetailView of the SplitView.
DetailView(Self.ParentSplitView.Detail).Label1.Text = Me.RowData(section, row).Text
// No SplitView, so this is a phone.
// Display the Detail view and update the text for its label.
Var d As New DetailView
d.Label1.Text = Me.RowData(section, row).Text
End If