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New in 2016r2

A data source to use to enable editing of iOSTable data. When a table is put into "edit mode", the user can use the insertion and deletion editing controls to add or remove rows from the table and its data source. Aggregates iOSTableDataSource.

RowCount RowEditingCompleted SectionCount
RowData RowIsEditable SectionTitle


Any data source that supports deletion and insertion of rows or that uses row actions must implement this interface.

When the iOSTable is made editable (by setting iOSTable.IsEditing = True):

  • The data source's RowIsEditable method is called for the visible rows and the editable rows get reordering controls.
  • The user taps on a row's delete or insert button.
  • The data source's RowEditingCompleted method is called so the data source can update its internal state.

See Also

iOSTable control; iOSTableDataSource, iOSTableDataSourceReordering interfaces