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iOSTable.CreateCell(text As Text = "", detail As Text = "", image As iOSImage = Nil, accessory As AccessoryTypes = AccessoryTypes.None) As iOSTableCellData

Supported on Mobile(iOS).

Creates a standard table cell, optionally pre-populating its properties with the specified arguments.


Parameter Description
text The text of the cell. This is the main (large) text that appears for the row.
detail The the smaller text that appears below the main Text in the cell.
image The image for the cell.
accessory The accessory type that is displayed in the cell.


Use this method in place of the iOSTableCellData Constructor that was available in versions prior to 2016r2.

Sample Code

Create a new cell and add it to a table:

Table1.AddSection("") ' No section will appear
Var cell As iOSTableCellData
cell = Table1.CreateCell("Red Sox", "MLB", redSoxLogo, iOSTableCellData.AccessoryTypes.Detail)
Table1.AddRow(0, cell)