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iOSTable.ActionsForRow(section As Integer, row As Integer) As iOSTableRowAction()

Supported on Mobile (iOS).

Use this event to specify the actions that can be performed for the given section/row.


Parameter Description
section The section containing the row for which you want to specify actions.
row The row for which you want to specify actions.


Returns an array of iOSTableRowActions that will be available for the section/row.

Multiple actions are supported. Add each action to the array that is returned from the event.

Row actions only work for tables that use iOSTableDataSourceEditing and where its RowIsEditable method returns True.

Sample Code

Adds two actions to every row in the table:

Var actions(1) As iOSTableRowAction
// Create the More button
actions(0) = New iOSTableRowAction(iOSTableRowAction.Styles.Normal, "More...", "More")
// Create the Delete button
actions(1) = New iOSTableRowAction(iOSTableRowAction.Styles.Destructive, "Delete", "Delete")
Return actions