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iOSMobileTableDataSourceEditing.RowEditingCompleted(table As iOSMobileTable, section As Integer, row As Integer, action As iOSMobileTable.RowEditingStyles)

Supported on Mobile.

Tells the data source that the user wants a row inserted or removed. The data source should update its internal state and inform the table of its changes. Data sources must not alter the table's editing state from within this method.


Parameter Description
table This is the table that uses this data source.
section This is the section containing the row that was edited.
row This is the row that was edited.
action This is the type of edit, using iOSMobileTable.RowEditingStyles.


The specific type of edit that is allowed (None, Insert or Delete) is specified in the iOSMobileTable.ApplyRowEditingStyle event.

Sample Code

If the user deleted a row, then remove it from the mSections Dictionary property used by the data source and remove it from the table:

If action = iOSMobileTable.RowEditingStyles.Delete Then
Var sectionRows() As Integer = mSections.Value(section)
table.RemoveRow(section, row)
End If