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iOSLocation.LocationChanged(latitude As Double, longitude As Double, accuracy As Double, altitude As Double, altitudeAccuracy As Double, course As Double, speed As Double)

Supported on Mobile (iOS).

Called when a location update is received from iOS.


Parameter Description
latitude The latitude in degrees. Positive values are north of the equator, and negative values are south.
longitude The longitude is in degrees, relative to the zero meridian. Positive values are east of the meridian and negative values are west.
accuracy The latitude/longitude accuracy radius in meters.
altitude Altitude is meters above sea level.
altitudeAccuracy AltitudeAccuracy is a positive value reflecting an approximate number of meters the altitude value is accurate within, with a negative value meaning altitude is invalid.
course Course is in degrees relative to true north. North is 0, east is 90, south is 180, etc.
speed Speed is given in meters per second- it should only be used for information as speed changes rapidly.

Sample Code

Display some of the location values in labels:

LatitudeLabel.Text = latitude.ToText
LongitudeLabel.Text = longitude.ToText
SpeedLabel.Text = speed.ToText