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Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON(value As Auto) As Text

Supported for all project types and targets.

Generates JSON text from the supplied value, which is typically a Dictionary, an array of Dictionaries or an array of primitive data types (Integer, Text, etc.).


The order of data in a Dictionary is not guaranteed to match the order in the generated JSON. Order is retained for arrays. You can actually supply a single value that is not a Dictionary or an array and get it back as a single valid JSON object (it will encode quotes in text, for example), but those are not valid JSON by themselves.

Currency is not a valid type that can be converted to JSON.


Sample Code

Convert a simple array of Text to JSON data:

Dim values() As Text = Array("Red Sox", "Yankees", "Orioles", "Blue Jays", "Rays")
Dim json As Text = Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON(values)
// ["Red Sox","Yankees","Orioles","Blue Jays","Rays"]

Convert a Dictionary of values to JSON data:

Dim d As New Xojo.Core.Dictionary
d.Value("Team") = "Red Sox"
d.Value("City") = "Boston"

Dim json As Text
json = Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON(d)
// {"City":"Boston","Team":"Red Sox"}

If you want to store an array of information, create an array of Dictionaries and use that to generate the JSON:

Dim dictArray() As Xojo.Core.Dictionary
Dim d As Xojo.Core.Dictionary

d = New Xojo.Core.Dictionary
d.Value("Team") = "Red Sox"
d.Value("City") = "Boston"

d = New Xojo.Core.Dictionary
d.Value("Team") = "Yankees"
d.Value("City") = "New York"

Dim json As Text
json = Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON(dictArray)
// [{"City":"Boston","Team":"Red Sox"},{"City":"New York","Team":"Yankees"}]