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An encoding represents a way of converting text to and from raw bytes. Encodings are created from IANA character set names or the shared properties for the very common encodings. Use this class to convert Text to specific encodings and to convert Text to and from MemoryBlocks.

IANAName fa-lock-32.png
ConvertDataToText ConvertTextToData
Shared Properties
ASCII fa-lock-32.png UTF16LittleEndian fa-lock-32.png UTF32LittleEndian fa-lock-32.png
UTF16 fa-lock-32.png UTF32 fa-lock-32.png UTF8 fa-lock-32.png
UTF16BigEndian fa-lock-32.png UTF32BigEndian fa-lock-32.png Windows1252 fa-lock-32.png
Shared Methods

See Also

Xojo.Core.Locale, Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock, TextInputStream, TextOutputStream classes; Text data type

TextEncoding class; Encodings module