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Class (inherits from XMLNode)

XMLComment enables you to use the IsA operator to determine whether an XMLNode is an XMLComment.

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The following XML is stored in a constant called kXML:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 	<Team name="Seagulls">
 		<Player name="Bob" position="1B" />
 		<Player name="Tom" position="2B" />
 	<Team name="Pigeons">
 		<Player name="Bill" position="1B" />
 		<Player name="Tim" position="2B" />
 	<Team name="Crows">
 		<Player name="Ben" position="1B" />
 		<Player name="Ty" position="2B" />

To add a comment to the first team node:

Dim xml As New XmlDocument(kXml)

// Create a Comment and assign it a value
Dim xc As XmlComment
xc = xml.CreateComment("TestComment")
xc.Value = "This node contains team information."

// Add the Comment to the XML document

TextArea1.Text = xml.ToString

See Also

IsA operator; XMLNode class.