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New in 2020r1

The various styles or types of which the button can be displayed.


Enum Description
FlexibleSpace The WebToolbarButton is a variable-width space between WebToolbarButtons. It right-aligns the buttons to its right as the window is resized.
Label The WebToolbarButton is a standard WebLabel control.
Menu The WebToolbarButton is a drop-down menu with a separate down arrow on its right. There is room for the caption and the icon. To specify the menu, assign it to the Menu property of the WebToolbarButton class. Handle the selected menu item in the MenuSelected event of the WebToolbar class.
PushButton The WebToolbarButton is a pushbutton.
SeparateMenu Same as the Menu type above. This is here for consistency with the desktop ToolbarButton.ButtonStyles enumeration.
Separator Not available for web projects.
Space The WebToolbarButton is a fixed-width space between WebToolbarButtons.
Toggle The WebToolbarButton is a button that toggles between its normal and depressed state. It does not affect the state of any other Toggle buttons in the WebToolbar. Pressing one changes the state of the other toggle buttons, effectively making them work similarly to RadioButtons.


Web projects on Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems.

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