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Class (inherits from WebControl)

New in 2011r2

Plays a movie in a web app using the HTML5 video capabilities of the client browser.

Close Error PositionChanged
ContextualMenuAction Hidden Shown
DropObject Open Stopped
DurationChanged Played VolumeChanged
AllowFullScreen HorizontalCenter Page fa-lock-32.png
AutoPlay Left Parent fa-lock-32.png
ContextualMenu LockBottom Position
ControlID fa-lock-32.png LockHorizontal Style
Cursor LockLeft Top
DesktopURL LockRight VerticalCenter
DragOverStyle LockTop Visible
Duration fa-lock-32.png LockVertical Volume
Enabled MobileCellularURL Width
Height MobileWiFiURL Zindex
HelpTag Name fa-lock-32.png

AcceptPictureDrop ExecuteJavaScript MsgBox
AcceptRawDataDrop FastForward Mute
AcceptTextDrop FastForwardStop Play
AllowPictureDrag FastRewind PresentContextualMenu
AllowRawDataDrag FastRewindStop SetFocus
AllowTextDrag GoToBeginning ShowURL
Close GoToEnding Stop


WebMoviePlayer uses the built-in HTML5 video player on all browsers. HTML5 video supports MP4, WebM and Ogg video formats. All browsers support MP4 so that is generally recommended.

Browser supported video formats:

Browser MP4 WebM Ogg
Internet Explorer Yes No No
Edge Yes Optional No
Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Safari Yes No No
Opera Yes Yes Yes

You can provide URLs for up to three movie formats to support different screen size/bandwidth requirements as chosen by the web browser based on how it is connected to the web:

URL Screen Size/Bandwidth
DesktopURL Large Size, High-Bandwidth
MobileWiFiURL Small-Size, High-Bandwidth
MobileCellularURL Small-Size, Low-Bandwidth

The URLs must be actual URLs that would also work in a web browser. They cannot be local file URLs from a FolderItem.

See Also

MoviePlayer, WebYouTubeMovie classes.