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The Link control opens a URL when clicked. By default, it displays the link as blue — the default style for a link. Use the URL property in the Inspector to set the link target and change the Value property to something that suggests the destination link. By default, the Value property is “Untitled” and the URL is set to "".

The commonly used properties are described below. Refer to WebLink in the Language Reference for the complete list of events, properties and methods.


Target - Determines where the URL is displayed in the browser. Options are: Current, New Window, Parent, Window

Value - The text of the link. This does not have to match the URL. For example, the Value could be “Visit Xojo on the Web” and the URL could be "".

URL - The URL that will be opened when the user clicks the Link.


You typically set up a Link using the Inspector, but you can also change values in code. To set up the Value and URL properties for a Link:

XojoLink.Value = "Visit Xojo on the web"
XojoLink.URL = ""

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