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A Switch has an on/off position and is used to choose a preference. When the Switch is on, it appears with a green background.

iOS Switch Library Icon

Below are commonly used events and properties. See the MobileSwitch for the complete list.


ValueChanged - Called when the value for the Switch is changed, either by the user clicking on it or by code changing its Value property.


Enabled - A boolean that indicates if the switch is enabled and can be tapped or disabled and cannot be changed.

Value - A boolean that indicates the state of the Switch. When True, the Switch is on and displays with a green background. When False, the Switch is off.


iOS Switch shown ON and OFF

To turn a switch on, set its value property:

MySwitch.Value = True

This code in the ValueChanged event handler enables or disables a Text Field depending on whether a Switch is on or off:

If Me.Value Then
MyTextField.Enabled = True
MyTextField.Enabled = False
End If

Example Projects

  • Examples/iOS/Controls/SwitchExample

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