Mobile Progress Wheel

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A Progress Wheel is used to indicate that a task or operation of unknown length is being performed. When the Progress Wheel is visible it displays on the screen with a spinning animation.

Below are commonly used properties. Refer to MobileProgressWheel in the Language Reference for the complete list.


Shade - Specifies the shade (light or dark) for the Progress Wheel. Dark is the default.

Visible - A boolean that indicates if the Progress Wheel is visible when your app runs. When it is visible, it displays a spinning animation. Set it to Invisible when it is not needed.


Mobile Progress Bar and Mobile Progress Wheel

Long tasks should be in a Thread so that the UI remains responsive and the spinning animation the Progress Wheel can work. Using a Progress Wheel is as easy as making it visible before you begin the task:

MyProgressWheel.Visible = True

Example Projects

  • Examples/iOS/Controls/ProgressExample

See Also

MobileProgressWheel class; UserGuide:Mobile Progress Bar topic