Mobile Control Hierarchy

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The built-in controls have an inheritance hierarchy. The base class for all iOS user interface controls is called MobileUIControl. It along with its parent class MobileControl contain several common events, properties and methods.

Below is a list of some of the common events, properties and methods that are available for UI controls.


Closing - Called when the control is removed from its container, such as a Screen.

Opening - Called after the control is created. This is where you typically put initialization code.


AccessibilityHint, AccessibilityLabel - Text that is read aloud when accessibility is enabled for the device.

Height, Left, Top, Width - These read-only properties indicate the position and size of the control (in points).

Visible - When True, the control is visible, when False the control is not visible.


TintColor - This lets you influence the color of some iOS controls.

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