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The MoviePlayer control displays the standard movie controller for your platform.

Movie Player Library Icon

From the Inspector, you can select a movie from your project that will be associated with a MoviePlayer control. You can also determine the default appearance of the movie controller. To add a movie to your project, just drag it to the Navigator. Movie Player can only play locally stored videos and cannot stream a video.


ControllerSizeChanged - Called when the size of the Controller has changed.

Play - Called when the movie starts playing.

Stop - Called when the movie stops playing.


AutoPlay - When True, the movie starts playing as soon as it is assigned to the Movie property.

AutoAdjustToMovieSize - When True, the Movie Player control resizes to fit the actual size of the movie specified in the Movie property.

AutoRepeat - When True, the movie will repeat from the beginning when it reaches the end.

HasController, ControllerHeight, ControllerWidth - Used to specify if the controller should be displayed or not.

Duration - Returns the duration of the currently playing movie. If the movie is not playing, Duration is 0.

HasStepControls - Used to show or hide the forward and reverse arrows in the movie controller.

HasVolumeControl - Used to show or hide the volume control in the movie controller.

Movie - The Movie to play or edit.

RepeatInReverse - When True, the movie is played in reverse (from the end) when it reaches the end. Looping must also be True in order for this to work.

PlayerType - Specifies the type of player to use on Windows. You can choose between Preferred, QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

Position - The current play position of the movie (in seconds).

Volume - Specifies the volume for playback.


Play - Plays the movie from the current Position and calls the Play event.

Stop - Stops playing the movie and calls the Stop event.

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