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A Disclosure Triangle control is used to hide and show information, e.g., the List view of files and folders in a Finder window. You can control the direction of the Disclosure Triangle (left or right) and whether it is in the “disclosed” (down) state.

Refer to DisclosureTriangle in the Language Reference for details on all its events, properties and methods.



This event is called when the Disclosure Triangle has been clicked or selected in some way.



An Integer that indicates the direction the triangle is pointing. It can be either 0 for left or 1 for right (which is the default).


Specifies the orientation of the Disclosure Triangle. When True, the indicator is pointing down, when False the indicator is pointing either left or right (depending on the Facing property).

Handling Focus

DisclosureTriangles can get the focus only on Windows. When a Disclosure Triangle gets the focus, a selection rectangle appears around the control. The user can toggle its state by pressing either the Spacebar or the Enter key. You must set the AcceptFocus property to True to enable a DisclosureTriangle to get the focus.


This code in the Action event handler for a Disclosure Triangle displays or hides a ListBox on the window:

ListBox1.Visible = Me.Value

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