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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to create and display a tooltip at the user-specified location.

Shared Methods
Hide Show


This class is deprecated as mentioned above. If you still need to use this class in your 2019r2 or later projects, you must use the "Global." prefix (Example: Global.Tooltip.Hide) otherwise you will get a compilation error. However, it's recommended that you migrate to the replacement methods.

Since the ToolTip class's methods are shared methods, you do not need to instantiate an instance of the class in order to use it.

Sample Code

The following code is placed in the MouseDown event of a Window. It uses the X and Y coordinates passed into the event.

ToolTip.Show("This is my tip", Self.Left + X, Self.Top + Y)
Return True

The following line in the Action event of a PushButton displays the contents of a TextField as a tip.

Tooltip.Show(TextField1.Text, System.MouseX, System.MouseY + 20, True)

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