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Shared Method

Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(codepoint As UInt32) As Text

Supported for all project types and targets.

Creates a new Text object from a single Unicode code point value.


Visit Unicode Lookup to get decimal values to use with this method.


  • UnsupportedFormatException if codepoint is not a Unicode scalar value (i.e. it is a high-surrogate code point or a low-surrogate code point).

Sample Code

Get the EndOfLine character:

Dim EOL As Text = Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(10)

Get the trade mark character (™):

Dim tradeMark As Text = Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(8482)

Get the pi character (π) using its hex value:

Dim piChar As Text = Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(&h3C0)